“Stay Cool” official trailer

Friday, Oct 23, 2009

Synopsis: After 20 years, a successful author Henry McCarthy (Polish) returns to his home town to give a commencement speech, only to fall in love with his old crush Scarlet Smith (Ryder) but is asked to the prom by a sexy high school senior Shasta O’Neil (Duff). Henry faces tough decisions which cause him to consider his love for Scarlet who’s the perfect girlfriend, but when Principle Marshall (Chase) give advise on love things start to become hilariously entertaining.

6 Comments on ““Stay Cool” official trailer”

  1. God knows I’ll see anything with Winona in it, but this trailer loos psychotic. Not winona’s fault. In two minutes they managed to use 100 songs and that voice over was seriously irritating.

  2. you sounded irratating half way through the first sentence..p.s. her voice over monologues ROCK!

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