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Friday, Oct 30, 2009

A huge thanks to Craig, who scanned and sent the most recent issue of California Style to us. And I need to say, the editorial is BEAUTIFUL! Someone comented on forums that photographers always try to make her look ugly on pictures (and always fail) with their weird production. Thank you, Sheryl Nields!

You can find scans in our gallery. If reposting, DO NOT DIRECT LINK, please. I found the Blackbook scans being reposted using the direct link of our gallery, it ruins our monthly bandwidth. If you want to repost, use or something like that to host the images.

14 Comments on “Scans of California Style Magazine”

  1. Oh wow….!!!

    Pics like that really get me into trouble. If a girlfriend asks me “Do you think she’s more beautiful than me?” I could A) tell a lie or B) loose my girlfriend….*lol*

    I’ll try running them thru a moire-filter tomorrow – even if they could get a little smaller in the process as that corel-filter always makes pics a little more blurry….nevertheless

  2. does someone know here, if this magazine and the blackbook magazine is available germany? i really want to have it!!!!
    i would be very thankful for an answer!!!

  3. @Sandra

    As far as I know not. It’s not on the Saarbach list – and thats germanys major importer of foreign mags. But I will check the 2 storey newsstand at Hamburg central station – they import themselves and MAYBE have some luck there – but thats quite a big maybe…

    On ebay: never trusted it – never will….(-;

  4. …Luciana …I’ll take door …I mean photo No.4 as did Glenda …although I do like No.2; come hither expression, huh? …the yellow dress is nice in No.3 …if it were not yellow …and No.1 is — seems, more her in classic black mode …I have to leave all, I can’t– too much excitement, I’m still crazy over the Blackbook photos …thanks (Michael shakes his head, smiling, turning away)

  5. I prefer the California S. pic to the blackbook ones. there text missing or is just Alluc. me?

  6. I now tried for two hours to improve the pics using Photoshop/Corel – but no success. Even phoned in a friend who is a pro photographer. But all filters are failing due to the heavy interference – the filters are “thinking” the horizontal lines are part of the pic. And if you increase the margin so far that it does filter them Winona looks like The Blob.


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