Winona at new Michael Moore’s movie premiere

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2009

Just discovered why Winona isn’t in Toronto, promoting Pippa Lee. She was spotted last night at new Michael Moore’s new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story. She was wearing a botton on her shirt which I would LOVE to know what’s the new cause she’s supporting right now, but the only HQ pictures I got doesn’t have a view to it.

Just found a few pictures, more will be added if I found it. Enjoy:

Public Appearances » 2009: “Capitalism: A Love Story” Los Angeles Premire (After Party) – September 15

16 Comments on “Winona at new Michael Moore’s movie premiere”

  1. Sorry, guys.. Do you know if Winona will be in Europe in the next months? (festival, premieres, events..)

  2. damn bleedin herarts,,they think they can really change the world.just to see Her smile really makes me wonder.

  3. i dont really care Noni,,tell that chump mto “reemergege on his own..not my muse he needs EVER to do it….tot6al scab now he gets.aint faster and damn sure aint this as slow.

  4. …part of Winona’s allure is that you never know where she’ll show up next…and that is very exciting…you get to know her (not entirely, now) through this process of what she is interested in…a festival in Italy to a rising musician’s premiere concert or such likenesses…one thing is apparent, she likes new talents…now perhaps, Winona , you could surprise us with something entirely new to your journey…we all really want you to be you…its just we like to challenge you to new horizons…we want our beautiful flower to forever grow…and you are a purple rose if any…

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