“The Last Word” Blu-Ray captures

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009

I know we already has captures of this movie in our gallery, but I just got in hands a copy of the blu-ray version and make new screencaptures was totally needed!

Did you already saw this movie? Let us know what do you think. IMO, is one of best Winona appearances, she’s VERY beautiful in it.

Also, I’ll try to recap every movie that was launched in Blu-Ray. Just let me know if you guys want me to mantain the old captures, if you don’t, I’ll delete it to save space on my server.

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  1. @Luigi

    Hollywood is all about money. Look at Winona’s last films and the cash-flow they produced and answer this: If you were one of those Hollywood studio managers, would you risk casting Winona in that light into a BIG drama?

    And her indie movies are struggling in the financial crisis even more to get financing. To be honest: Financing an indie movie is more charity than business – or a big gamble: hoping for the jackpot to make THE one of hundreds that gets the Oscar and Golden Globe nods.

  2. finally browsed thru all the caps – very well done!

    but I will only buy HD if two out of three of the following Noni movies – Autumn in New York, Girl Interrupted, Reality Bites – will be out on HD.

    How did you made the caps? – I heard from colleagues that some discs forbid making caps.

  3. This was a very interesting film, if not the greatest (pretentious, yes) …I have one qeustion for Ms. Ryder …when will you be playing yet another Charlotte character, is that three, now? …(the latest word, and I mean late) has it that you are assuming that name elsewhere, somewhere, lately, on and off …now you don’t have to answer that, just kidding — don’t hurt me {covering face} …your the best, and I mean that…

    p.s. yes, I’m aware of how even late this posting is so ridicule me, I deserve it.

    🙂 :blush: :wassup:

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