Scream 2009: vote now!

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009

Winona is up for the Best Cameo award for her role in Star Trek, you can vote for her here:!

Also, if you’re on Europe, be sure to mark this dates (thanks Simon!):

DVD Pippa Lee – Nov 2nd
DVD Informers – Nov 9th
DVD Star Trek – Nov 16th

And you should had read about “Heathers” being turn into a TV Show, but the news made me too depressed to make a comment. :bomb:

4 Comments on “Scream 2009: vote now!”

  1. Heathers on TV? Was that really necessary….

    What we really need are good roles for Winona. After the last couple of years I don’t even care to see them in cinema as long as the movies wind up on DVD sometime. But if things don’t change fast there will be no movie with Noni next year…. )-:

    And what about Stay Cool? Hope not rotting on shelves and then going straight-to-DVD… )-: )-: )-:

  2. @Luigi

    The DVD is region 2 (europe) and was already in UK cinemas in july. The Nov 27th release date is for the US – but still a bad thing as by then many americans could already have the DVD…)-:

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