“Pippa Lee” exclusive clip

Sunday, Sep 6, 2009

I just was checking the Rebecca Miller website, and saw an exclusive videoclipe of Winona. I don’t know if this is new to you, but is to me. You can check the exclusive video here, or here.

Remember, Pippa Lee opens on USA theathers on November 27. And also, DVD will be available to Europe on November 02.

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  1. Hi, I’m new here(Glenda from Italy). This site is wonderful!
    Thanks for this video.. Winona is perfect.

  2. I hope this will be a great experience for her when it it released here in the states and internallionally, as well as Stay Cool, when they decide to let us know when that comes out…despite any role she does, she continues to draw us fans in towards her charms, and they are very real. I’m strongly assuming. She has this wonderful power of not being in many big popular films but still holding her own stardom with her fanbase. The music and fashion influences help as well I suppose. Whether she holds back or not, she will always be one of our generations classic actresses, ’cause of her beauty and moodful acting methods, like those of long, long ago… to all her friends from around the world and to herself…be good, be great.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know previously that Winona’s character in ‘Pippa’ is supposed to be this new mistress character, as I’ve read. I didn’t read many reviews before , until now …I’ll have to be awake more often …jeez, she is so surprising with that ‘new to me’ dynamic much more than her character’s little seen affair in the The Informers film, which had me overall feeling two-thirds disappointed, cause her and Billy Bob arn’t exactly compat…

    …and yes, curious ones, Foxwood is Futura, from other postings at this site, if your wondering and so forth, as elsewhere on the net too, if there is a ‘Michael’ preceeding them …however I’m strongly considering ‘Futura’ for the future, indefinitely unless I adopt Rambling Man, hehe…hey, thanks for allowing me to extend this notice here, you people are the best and this site is very attractive…keep it up!!! Bgbg

  4. dear winona , i could do with a girlfriend as my daughter thinks i am gay , your name sprang to mind , you are a similar age , you no longerenjoy living but carry on for others and are pretty , your body language suggests hidden higher than average intelligence and you have won the human struggle with alcohol but you are unaware that the “enemy” within is in fact an allergy to dairy products . if you are in london visit watford and ask around , most people here know who i am .thank you . scruff the dog .

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