New old pictures

Sunday, Sep 13, 2009

Thanks to Stephan, I’ve added some new pictures to our gallery, all dated from 2003/2004. There’s so cute pictures of Winona on court, and additions to candids albums.

I’m still also working on the movies gallery, so you can expect updates soon regarding screencaptures.

Gallery Links
• Candids » Out & About: Hollywood, January 29, 2004 *updated
• Candids » Out & About: With Jada Pinkett Smith on Rodeo Drive, March 11, 2004
• Candids » On Court: December 15, 2003

4 Comments on “New old pictures”

  1. Thanks for the pics….

    IMHO the golden dress in the pics with Jada is a little too much…(-;

    And yes, love her “WHAT??? ME??? NO!!!”-expression in that court pic were the security guard hands her that paper…(-:

    Finally as the saying goes: “In a few years we can look back and laugh it away”

  2. I think she looked very nice in those court photos …yet somehow also different, a down to earth normal appearance. The loosened tie just may be an ode to anti-justice or simply means she’s relaxed. With her hair pulled back in a pony-tail she looked so very cute, which is my most interested style …if she has long enough hair.
    Her emotions …are always present …she likes to express herself, but just do what does some of them really mean… …like the one with her chin down, quirked smile and targeting eyes, while standing …is one is my favorite photo…

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