Winona Ryder: “America is too much puritan but with Obama things will change”

Sunday, Jul 26, 2009

The meeting with jurors has affected her deeply

Black and trimmed with lace dress, short hair, white skin and red lips. The long awaited Winona Ryder, the most controversial Hollywood actress, has been the last star at Giffoni Experience. She has said: “It has been so touching to meet the festival jurors, I have almost started crying. Especially if I think that among those boys there would be the next Coppola, the new Scorsese. Youth are our future”.

She has arrived together with a mysterious man, James, who has photographed her all day long in Giffoni and followed her in the streets and in her meetings. Although his staff had previously told to journalists not to ask her questions about taboos, a journalist has done it and she has directly answered: “Cinema is a different place where it’s possible to explore them. That’s why cinema is also a social medium”. The 38 years old American actress has added: “There are dark periods, in which cinema seems to be puritan, stagnant. I hope that this new time, with Barack Obama, – and I tell this even if I’m an immigrant couple daughter – let us to leave behind this dark atmosphere which derives from the George Bush government. Some months ago, some teachers have got the sack because of the subject they taught. But I feel that everything will change”.

Then she talks about her next films: “After a little role in ‘Star Trek’, I’ll be Sandra Dulles in the film ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee’ by Rebecca Miller, with Robin Wright Penn, Monica Bellucci and Julianne Moore and in November I’ll start shooting a new film, but it is not defined”. Moreover she also talks about her pastime: “When I was 20 years old and I started acting, I often felt tired sad and alone. It was very hard to see how different were my life and problems than those of my friends. I had problems with films and screenplays, my friends with paying their house’s rent. I have often felt guilty for this. Today, in Hollywood there aren’t significant feminine roles, nobody wants to risk and I feel at ease only working with the freelance productions, because are more courageous”.

When a journalist has mentioned her justice problems, she has answered that she is trying to reach her balance. In the end, as regards as her favourite film partner, she has said that he is Daniel Day Lewis.


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  1. She’s right about that Hollywood produces one blockbuster-bore after another for fear of risking something with an intelligent AND entertaining movie.

    Obn the sad side it means most of us won’t be able to see her current projects on the big screen as they’re sparsly shown in the US – and not shown outside the US…)-:


  3. i love what She said about the young people!if ever i think someone could start aninth renaissance twas all be it the power AL THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I got the video from the Giffoni page: No copy-protection will stand against me…..HAHAHA….(-;

    If you want to do the same use Orbit Downloader!

  5. Hey y’all Noni heads!!! I hope you’re all having a great week!

    I loved the video. She’s so smart and kinda shy in the interview. And she cried towards the end holding her award ( i almost wanna cry when I see her cry, like in Little Women during the death scene of Beth. Actually I did cry in that scene. Don’t tell anyone. I’m trying to protect my macho reputation. lol!!!). And Vulcan Noni Bird, you go girl!!!! Copy protections be damned!!!! hahahhahahahaha!!!!

    Y’all have a fun-filled weekend!!!! Blessed be…

  6. I’ve read the interview in Italian and wasn’t exactly the same. She didn’t answer about who his best partner is. She was asked about the one wants to Kiss, and Said Day Lewis inmediatly.

    There is a really lovely interview in the Giffoni at Youtube

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