Winona on Elle UK – scans added

Thursday, May 28, 2009

As promised, added scans of Elle UK to the gallery. The magazine is out now, so run to get your own copy. The pictures are SO beautiful and I loved the article.

“Winona Ryder is one of the most TALENTED actresses of her generation. She is ICONIC and a little unusual. On the eve of her much antecipating comeback, writer and director Rebecca Miller talks to the reclusive star.

(…) It’s my hope that, if Winona continues to get the part she deserves, she’ll be remembered as one of the best. She has sweetness and a humility about her that are endearing. She exposes her most vulnerable self again and again for the rest of us to consume.

Magazines: Elle UK – July 2009

Thanks Vogue28 for the scans and ChrisB for the heads up.

13 Comments on “Winona on Elle UK – scans added”

  1. I’ll try to get it today….

    I don’t wanna sound ungrateful….but what are those marks on the lower left of the scans? I’ll scan them myself as soon as I have it and try better….(-;

  2. Sadly didn’t got it friday – they still all have the old issue – returning date saturday (today).

    I’ll look out today as but my fear is that I’ll only get it on tuesday after the public holiday….)-:

    But I will control myself and not read the article before….(-;

  3. Wow…at last nice news and articles and -inspiring- pics are coming lately!!!!. It´s quite a relief, and this photoshoot is wonderful, it reminds me of the ones she did back in the nineties 😉

    Thx Luciana for keeping us informed and updated, i wonder what would i do without your site! xx Clara 😀

  4. Still no luck in getting this – according the owner of the newstand her will get it comming thrusday or saturday….)-:

    Next to that there will be an interview with Winona in the July issue of Empire – which is definetly not available in germany….))-:

  5. see in imdb winona boards that there is a 6 page interview of Noni on UK Empire magzine with Johnny Depp as the cover.
    would anyone in UK be kind enough to upload this too?:)

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