“Star Trek” Los Angeles premiere

Friday, May 1, 2009


Winona attended tonight the Star Trek Premiere in Los Angeles. I really wasn’t expecting her tonight since she didn’t go to “The Informers” and “Stay Cool” premieres. But she was there, and beautiful, as always!

I’m starting to add pictures, as soon I find it. This is a little preview:

Update: Added HQ pictures to the gallery. More will be added tomorrow.

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  1. So Beautiful, So Young…

    And I so feared she wouldn’t attend after not seeing her at the Informers and Stay Cool premieres. Hope we can get some HQs soon.

  2. I’ll try my best to find HQ ones, at least for this ones.
    I’m so glad she was there. I was watching the webcast, and didn’t saw her.

  3. I’ll be on the look, too. That old gent with her is the Viacom CEO – Viacom owned Paramount before it was sold to CBS.

    I can’t wait to see the movie next wednesday – not only cause of Winona, this trek seems to be “just like old times – except different” (Quote: Ezri Dax – Deep Space Nine)

    A little off-topic: Saw the first episodes of Classic Trek Remastered yesterday – Cool! Great colours and sound – and with marvelous new CGI effects – nearly looking like a movie now. Glady they didn’t reformatted them to 16:9 but sadly the original effects are not included. So Doctor Who DVDs are still better were you can switch CGI/old-effects, Mono/Dolby, 4:3/16:9…..(-;

  4. where Her eyes look,i may never see, and where Her smiles glance i may never taste,and though She may never know what She makes me feel,i will always hold those true and kind in my laughs.HOLY,.HOLY,SHE IS FINE.

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