“People” scans

There was an article on Winona at May 25 issue of People Magazine, and Simon was kind enough to scan it and let us post here. Thanks!

I had so great feelings about the article, it looks like the old days, when we could find her pictures in magazines and be happy for her. 😀

“Everyone has their up and downs in life, and hers were in the public eye. But she is in a good place in her life, now” – Mark Polish

• Magazines » 2009 – People, May 25, 2009

4 Comments on ““People” scans”

  1. I came across this article (exact same content but different layout) in an Australian magazine I bought two weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting to see her in it so I actually yelled with surprise haha :shutup:

    I’m stoked at all the positive attention at the moment – seems the media has realised that flogging her with that horrible “shoplifter” label stopped being entertaining long ago! Go Winona! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Just wanted to say you rock. You got skills girl. Great looks, and a beautiful voice too. I cant wait to see you on-screen again.

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