Elle cover: Winona Ryder is back!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winona Ryder talks breakdowns and break-ups with ELLE.

‘Everybody has a disorder of some sort!’ Declares Winona Ryder, the Oscar nominated star who herself admits to having had an ‘extra-large breakdown’ just after completing Dracula and Edward Scissorhands when she was just 20.

‘I had just had my first real break-up, the first heartbreak. Everybody else just thought I had everything in the world but inside I was completely lost’ reveals the actress, now 37, to Rebecca Miller, the writer and Director Winona’s latest film, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (She’s also daughter of playwright Arthur Miller).

‘I remember feeling I can’t complain about anything because I’m so lucky’ she tells Miller, who interviews her in the June issue of ELLE, which hits news stands today.

‘I can’t pretend to know Winona well.’ admits Miller, ‘I don’t. I don’t think it’s easy to get to know her – but it’s easy to love her.’

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