Winona is a Barney’s babe

Friday, Apr 17, 2009

Winona was seen yesterday, smiling and ageless, with a friend shopping at Barney’s, before hitting the Grove Shopping Center in West Hollywood on Thursday. She looks stunning, and yay, with normal glasses! :love:

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11 Comments on “Winona is a Barney’s babe”

  1. Winona’s smile is making me relaxed and happy so much (*^^*) I think smiling makes everyone happy and comfortable ♪ Thanks for Winona going out and showing your smiling to your fans ï¼¼(^O^)/

  2. dont she….,,anyway,,you guys think shes dointhe twitter thing?,,just askin,,love to hear how she is doin. thats all.

  3. sometimes i seriously wonder if your the baddest chick in the whole wide world,Winona,,..

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