Rumour for a new project

Monday, Apr 13, 2009

What Not
By Mark Harris and Jason Gordon

Crash” meets “History of Violence” – at first glance a gangster film… but one that unfolds to explore important social issue of race, identity, and belonging. A groundbreaking, musically driven urban drama/thriller.

This is the true story of two brothers…connected by fate but divided by race. By night, Emanuel Jones works within the Italian mob who assume he’s one of their own. By day he is forced to be the caretaker for his black foster brother, Carlo, a musical savant that no one knows exists. When these two disparate worlds come crashing together for the first time, Emanuel finds a way to seemingly rid himself of each once and for all…

But he will soon learn that leaving his life behind and starting over with a woman with an equally tormented past won’t be as easy as it seems…

Producers: Henry Boger, James Gibb
Director: Mark Harris and Jason Gordon
(in talks) Actors: Winona Ryder, John Leguizamo
Location: Tennessee
Start: May ’09

Source | Thanks ChrisB for the heads up!

3 Comments on “Rumour for a new project”

  1. Already fell thru….to be completly honest: I’m not majorly disappointed…

    An independent movie every now and then or even two or three in a row is okay….but I want to see Noni on the BIG screens of the world again….

  2. i think she made an excellent choice in the star trek pic….,,,i think its hard to forget her and the next generation i hope will see her just like we did,and not for just the shoplifting ordeal…

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