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Saturday, Apr 11, 2009

I found and added 180 pictures of Winona on set of movies “The Informers”, “Mr Deeds”, and “The Ten”. Unfortunally, they’re not HQ. But it’s better than nothing. 🙂

Gallery Links
• The Informers: On Set – October 17, 2007
• The Ten: On Set – July 31, 2006
• The Ten: On Set – August 07, 2006
• Mr. Deeds: On Set – May 21, 2001
• Mr. Deeds: On Set – May 20, 2001
• Mr. Deeds: On Set – May 18, 2001

3 Comments on “On Set pictures”

  1. Thanx for this great Easter present!

    She’s having so much on May 20th 2001 – but we all sadly know were that lead to: Bike lead to Accident – Accident to Injury – Injury to Painkillers – and Painkillers to Saks….)-:

    I sometimes wish to borrow H.G. Wells Time-Machine to break this horrible event-chain…

  2. Another thing that I notice: How Winona changes due to the requirements most likely of the director. While she is quite sporty and fit filming The Ten she looks very frail filming The Informers….(-:

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