Cast and Character Details of the Maiden Crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009 has posted an overview for the main characters of Star Trek. Winona is mentioned, of course, when talking about Spock. Quinto, also, talk about Winona:

When the U.S.S. Enterprise leaves the dock for the first time headed for the stars, one officer aboard stands worlds apart from the rest: the man known simply as Spock. Spock was born on the planet Vulcan, a world where emotions became so out-of-control that they were done away with forever in favor of pure logic. However, Spock’s mother is human, leaving Spock to grow up fighting an internal battle between the rational and the instinctual. As Spock’s father, Sarek, tells him: “You are fully capable of choosing your own destiny . . . this is something only you can decide.” (…)

Quinto also enjoyed working with two other classic characters who play a pivotal role in “Star Trek”: Spock’s bi-galactic parents, his earthling mother Amanda Grayson and his Vulcan ambassador father Sarek, played respectively by two-time Academy Award® nominee Winona Ryder (“The Age of Innocence,” “Little Women”) and the British actor Ben Cross, renowned for his role in the Oscar®-winning “Chariots of Fire.” Together, the two created a starkly contrasting yet richly sophisticated couple. “Winona brought a real tenderness to the role and she really highlights the juxtaposition between her heartfelt way of being and Sarek’s logic,” Quinto says. “Ben was such a great energy to be around. He has such certitude and a groundedness as Sarek that I was able to connect with him right away.”

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  1. never was that much a trecky before but id like an explination as to why the cut Winona out of some shots???ya know hope it was Her decision.

  2. mostly cut scenes are never the actors descision – at first I was a very little grumpy that Spocks birth is cut while Kirks is not. But as Winona only has a small role we shouldn’t expect too much.

    I’m mainly glad Abrams said he always “liked Winona” – maybe we can welcome him here soon – and that Quinto appreciates her work…(-:

    And at last: We will see the cut scenes on the DVD and maybe there will be an directors cut later on.

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