Gallery update

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009

I just added a new theme to the gallery, and with it new pictures too, mostly old pictures of Winona’s court appearances. I was refusing to add more pictures on this episode, which I hate to see, but she was so adorable in most of it, and of course we cannot erase the past, just support her in the present.

Also, there’s some 2002 out&about pictures, as well Trek, The Informers and rare Beetlejuice behind the scenes ones. I really hope you all enjoy the updates.

2 Comments on “Gallery update”

  1. nice additions….

    today I can also see the trail pics….Five years ago it was different… the saying goes: It was the worst of times….

    In 2002 I mostly switched channels when the topic came up or at least turned off the sound…..cause Noni was as beautiful as always….

    But the worst was not the trail itself but the poeple comming to you and confronting you with the fact that you are a fan of Winona – as if thats a “bad” thing in itself….some poeple were close to a smack in the head at the time….(-;

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