Winona Ryder: Best of 2008

Saturday, Jan 3, 2009

Compiled by myself to Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the forum. 😉

Best News: All movie related news, since Winona appearing in both “Star Trek” and “The Informers” trailers.

Worst News: The incident with Marie Claire jewelry. (view entry)

Favorite Event Look:

Favorite Candid Picture

Favorite Movie Related Picture

Favorite 2008 Project: Sex&Death101.

Most Antecipated 2009 Project: Star Trek, for sure. Even I’m not a Star Trek fan, this will be a HUGE project that everybody is SO excited to see.

13 Comments on “Winona Ryder: Best of 2008”

  1. some angels told me do it….seriously…!… i bElievE em…GOD YOUR FINE Winona!…..!…!…!..!>!>!i see where it at..and i hate it much as you…presure,ive learned is just the shit holdin everything back…ill go now.

  2. you keep em dreamin Noni,,…..even you Luciana,,like you dont wish you knew her…

  3. i drink too..aint it obvious?????…..gonna send some$$$$when i get ahead.quit makin fun.

  4. I loved her look at the New York Fashion show appearances most…

    I look forward to see Star Trek, too. And as Winona is in two scenes in the trailer her part might be bigger than suspected.

    I also hope some other of her movies will get into cinemas, too – sadly so far here in germany no dates are set….

    For Pippa Lee the Berlinale website sucks – slow as hell – and I hope it’s not running in the “European Film Market” – cause that sucks too – all Winona films shown there before haven’t come to germany…)-:

    Also no new projects – but news say due to the financial crisis movie production will go down by 33% to 50% and as Winona sadly isn’t A-List anymore it will get tough for her to get parts….))-:

  5. really sorry Luciana….its my fault,i was idiotic and immature and plain know i care what happens to ‘er….that night i was drunk and was just tired.

  6. tell me Luciana,,,,arent you sick of people sayin derogatory stuff about Winona?????i mean to me,,i cant see and hate why and when they do it…i mean shes like the best friend anyone could have,just the way she is far as i can see.and i bet it hurts her when people say s#$% about her,,doent upset you sometimes???does me.

  7. what gets me,is,people try and talk about her ears….CANT THEY TELL???,,,thats what an Angels Ears supposed to look like..!!!!!?!!?!

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