“Water Pills” pictures

Thursday, Jan 29, 2009

I was just browsing @ IMDB forum when found this pictures, of the short movie “Water Pills” that Winona did last year.

The movie tells the history about Carrie (Winona), a pill popping, emotionally off balance stage mother tries to break her daughter in to the film and tv business. Fortune strikes when they get a screen test for a film starring Elisha Cuthbert.

The movie has 27 min of running time, and it’s written and directed by Blake Sennett, Winona’s ex boyfriend. It had a screening past January 15 on Flickerfest, the Australian International Short Film Festival.

Any extra information would be great, so let us know if you find anything new regarding this movie.

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  1. I second that Vulcan!!! YOu know what I was thinking though? Blake should make a solo album solely dedicated about his time with Winona and this movie comes with it as a bonus.

  2. Yeah, I’m the one who posted them on IMDB.:) I emailed some lady who worked on or is somehow associated with the film and she’s the one who sent me that first photo of Winona. I also asked her about a release date in US and elsewhere…. I’m still waiting for a reply.

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