Pippa Lee poster

Tuesday, Sep 9, 2008

Thanks to Chris from Winona Fanz Refugee for this heads up.

I saw his note and just came across to the website of the company that is producing “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”, Salt., and they’re using this pretty poster in the movie’s page.

There’s no other size, but I’m glad Winona has her own.

Can’t wait to see more about this movie, since I never saw a single picture of Noni at the set, so I’m really curious about this one.

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  1. hey Luciana…my aunt lives in Brentwood Ca…thats near Hollywood,,just a few miles…she owns a plane,,for Wionnas birthday thats comming up you wanna come up with an idea to write something (skywritting) for her B-day?..i thought about it last year but didnt know weather to write it in LA or San Fran.If you want you could take a poll for ideas…i can tell all the people on your site are great fans…just a thought..

  2. one more thing,,i dont think we would have much of a problem doing it in San Fran,,i am friends with Diane Feinstein’s nephew..we went to high school toghter.I think Winona would be cool with it..if everyone agrees on this site as to what to write and say,,we could use me aunts plane,,my cousin is a pilot,,he said hed be happy to do it.please answer soon..weve got like a month

  3. thanks for the news about this movie Luciana, I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. Will post about the posters at maria-bello.org, with credit to you of course 😉

  4. @zoe—i agree, she still fine after all these years,,reality bites is when i became a fan-slave to her….shell keep rockin no matter what,thats what i love about her.

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