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Friday, Sep 19, 2008

Thanks to Morgaine, that pointed me to new pictures of September 07, at Great American Style At Robert Verdis Luxe Laboratory.

Microsoft presents Great American Style At Robert Verdis Luxe Laboratory – September 07

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  1. we all agree she looks can tell that from lucas…you think that shes just another pretty face?..its her essence, not her looks..

  2. @2udrunken – you’re totally right….what also amazes me that -all the time – she looked so young and fresh….lately when I asked some friends and colleagues they all guessed her about 27-29 years old…for me it’s mostly her timeless beauty together with her marvelous acting – Oscar PLEASE!!! – intelligence and wit – and of course her wonderful eyes….I could go on like this forever….

  3. @vulcanNonibird,,i cant stand it that she doesnt have her oscar yet,,and it kinda blows my mind that most people cant see how good she really is..I mean WHAT A COOL CHICK!!!she amazes me, and I’ve only seen like 7 of her movies..every little thing she does screams genius.and ya dont get me started on her looks,,i could go on forever on that.

  4. sorry Luciana,,me again drunk again,bored,got a raise today gotta work tomorow,my best friends birthday,so I said ,what the hell,saw your donation need help?ill send some,as long as you dont spend it on booze,p.s. the tom green thing is crackin me up,what about you?..

  5. luciana,,explain my obbession later,,,2 clues,,,my boss just bought a racehorse,named it CAULFIELD,second clue right now,im “up on cripple creek”,,,listen to THE BAND. you cant arguee, shes a total muse,.shes been crazy too,so what!.

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