DKNY Fashion Reunion

Sunday, Sep 7, 2008

At DKNY’s 20th anniversary show on Sunday, there were several family moments of sorts. While photographers were pushing to get a shot of young mom Nicole Richie, Winona Ryder was chatting up a storm with Christina Ricci, who portrayed her sister in the 1990 hit movie “Mermaids.”

DKNY’s once-married iconic models Esther Canadas and Mark Vanderloo also reunited for the occasion — though only as guests and not down the runway this time. While both admitted they didn’t really miss the runway frenzy, Canadas had a moment of nostalgia. “I miss Patti [Cohen] and Donna,” the model, who is relocating to New York from Spain, admitted.

Of course, no family gathering would be complete without the ubiquitous black sheep. At the show, NYC Animal Rights made a surprise appearance, with protesters jumping in front of the photographers’ pit at the show’s finale. They were quickly ushered out, but still left some observers wondering if they’re barking up the wrong tree. Karan isn’t exactly known for her use of fur.

Added 35 HQ pictures at the gallery. Enjoy!

DKNY Fashion Show – September 07

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  1. I love Winona’s short hair (^_^) so much ! I ‘ m shedding tears and smiling at Winona ! I wish I could see Winona in white dress (^O^)v Thanks for giving to us wonderful moments! Luciana m(__)m

  2. totally wonderful pictures….if I wouldn’t know otherwise I’d think america had some major breakthru in cryogenic freezing…and they put Winona into it the last ten years….(-;

  3. told you guys she hasnt lost it…my friend always argues with me about how well Winona has held on to her looks…he doesnt argue much now seein her latley..i think its funny.

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