“The Ten” screencaptures

Sunday, Aug 10, 2008

Just (finally!) added captures from The Ten.

The Ten (2007) screencaptures

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  1. well Luciana,, looks like you posted everyones comment but mine,,im just glad people are getting interested in her again…she is my fav actress..,,and i know when ive had a few drinks i always go to this site and dream like im talking to her,,,and yeah its true,,i did get a little crazy over how beautiful she is,,,but its also true that a few years back i had a gun to my head and was about to leave this place and in the other room i heard the sweetest voice ive ever heard(tv),,it was hers and i never really looked before,,,and something about her,,you know what i mean,,something only she has,,,made me stop and take another look at life,,and i hate to see her in pain,.im not drinking now…and before that i didnt believe in God or heaven..now i do..sorry for seeming like a weirdo..im really not..she like a muse to me and im a total dreamer that wishes i talk to her in heaven someday..thats all…

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