“Stay Cool” set pictures

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008

I found some medium quality pictures of Noni on “Stay Cool” set yesterday, in Valencia, California.

Thanks Simon for the heads up.
Again: there’s nobody in California up to kidnap her sunglasses? :]

*updated! – Just found some news pictures of Noni filming, with Sean Astin. Here’s supplementary info:

Hilary Duff, Winona Ryder, Josh Holloway from the TV Show ‘Lost’, and Sean Astin of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ fame, film scenes for the new Polish brother’s comedy ‘Stay Cool’. The film centres on a successful author (Mark Polish) who is forced to confront an unrequited high school crush, Scarlet Smith (Winona Ryder), when he returns home. Hilary Duff plays a high school senior who flirts with the author and tries to hook up with him at the prom; was pictured on set in her prom dress. Meanwhile, in other scenes Ryder is hugged and kissed by Polish and a tattooed gangster style Holloway makes a strange sight after teaming up with Sean Astin’s gay character and Polish for a scooter ride. The film is due to be released next year.

Stay Cool (2009) set pictures – August 05, 2008

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  1. LOL, well Sean is neither the dark-haired woman with the ponytail carrying the umbrella nor Mark Polish in the suit!

  2. When I go to rexfeatures.com and search on Sean Astin, I do see a number of pics of him on set, but only itty bitty versions. Is there some way you could make bigger versions available?

  3. nice spashnews pics…and I like it that their watermark is not too disturbing…cannot say that about the rex ones….hopefully we get hq ones of those…

  4. wait 6 months…and watch the whole sceene wear those sunglasses…….do you people raelly think Winona has no style????get a grip….thats not alll she does….

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