New layout!

Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008

As you can see, we have a new layout. This peace of gold was made for the so talented Lucile, using the last year’s Vogue photoshoot. God knows how much I tried to use this pictures in a design, and she did it. Awesome!

I hope you guys like it as much I did!

8 Comments on “New layout!”

  1. nice layout with those great vogue pics…

    one thing: the layout isn’t adapting to widescreen-resolutions – I’m using a 1920×1200 display and it’s all cramped in the middle….

  2. O Layout ficou realmente lindo Lu! Parabéns!
    Ah, o que você acha de afiliar o DL e o site de Grey’s aqui? Me fala depois!

  3. I really should take a break from the forum and check out the main site more often! a lovely mix of colour thats easy no the eye and easy to navigate, great job and many thanks!

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