A small update

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

Just to let you know, the new theme is with some wordpress errors, and I’m working to fix everything soon.
All wordpress erroes was fixed! I REALLY like that you report any error to me, please! I’ve coded this layout without using tables, to be view in any resolution, so please report me any bug, error… anything! Thanks!

Also, I added 50 HQ pictures from Stay Cool set, that shoot it’s SO beautiful that really deserves HQ pictures.

Stay Cool (2009) Set pictures – August 13 *Updated!

9 Comments on “A small update”

  1. Thanks for this wonferful site.
    Winona is looking great and her face is so alive and pretty. Just look in her eyes – i’m in love, she’s a godess.
    I believe she have most hypnotic eyes i ever seen.

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