Winona in treatment again?

Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008

The beautiful and talented Winona Ryder exited a medical building in Century City Monday afternoon, known for its specialized psychiatric treatment. Is the actress seeking rehabilitation or therapy? Ryder looked rather demure as she headed to her car, and much younger because of her new short hairdo. She was dressed all in black apart from her bag and had big drink with her!

Century City, July 08, 2008

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  1. wanted to tell you…..up there you make them smile,you even showed them here that love is a joy,some ask you not to hide,,and they wait on you to land..i dont know if your wings find wind,or if they are,but i can tell you have never lost a step miss ask you to keep shining is an understatment,,noone does like you have always shown.slow down and let us catch up,will ya????LOVE YOU ARE p.s. you already even own this centuryWINONA.

  2. @jay – great!!!

    looking demure? – maybe she’s just pissed cuase of the clicking cameras…even if cameras don’t “click” anymore today…(-;

  3. lucindia….unless you really care or know her personally,,,,please dont put pictures of her on your website when she is on her oOWN tome…it only pisses her off and her true fans…ok please…she doesnt need people talking that kind of shit about her….i understand your a fan too, but get real,how would you feel

  4. sorry i said it like that..its just that when i was at my lowest point in my life,she was the one that reminded me that beauty does still exist in this world,,in a big way…

  5. Treatement ? For What, She look fine Winona, it’s always the medias Who say damned stupidity, a shit, about her, always for hurt Winona. i ‘m Always with you Winona and i Never Foresake you
    Winona I love you forever, for eternity and beyond

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