Winona and Juliette

Friday, Jul 25, 2008

My two favorite ladies together, that’s cool!

I found some pictures from Winona at Juliette Lewis birthday celebration, past July 01, in Malibu, CA.

Juliette Lewis Birthday Celebration At Project Beach House

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  1. I agree, Simon! She looks like my grandmother with those sunglasses!

    About the other girls, the shorter blond hair is Pink. And the ‘indian’ one is my favorite lady besides Noni, Juliette Lewis.

  2. I was a bit disappointed not to see a great scene between Winona and Juliette in The Darwin Awards

  3. Thanks for thinking of our Noni all the time ,Luciana ! So glad to see these photoes (*^o^*) Speaking of Juliette, I reminded me of the Gilbert Grape . It’s one of my favorite movies . Me ,too ï¼¼(^O^)/And I’d love to see Our Winona and Marc Jacobs together in the photo again so much !

  4. What I love about Winona is that she’s not petty or weird with other actresses.

  5. You guys made my day commenting in the posts. Really. lol

    And I love this, too, Rupert.
    Hilary, I love this movie, too! I love Leo in it.

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