New candids

Thursday, Jun 26, 2008

Finally Winona decided go out and a ‘friendly’ paparazzi take some pictures from her going to a Blockbuster store with her boyfriend Blake Sennett. And her sunglasses. hah
The pictures was taken latest June 24, and I added 37 HQ versions to the gallery. She looks pretty. As always.

Out & About at Blockbuster, June 24, 2008

4 Comments on “New candids”

  1. Winona looks so much better then on the Valentino event. Not so thin and much healthier – looks like she hasn’t aged since autumn in new york. If I woudln’t love her already this pics would do the trick….

    And Ruthless Poeple is a funny movie…(-;

    And hopefully some new offerings have arrived on Winona blackberry…(-;…but I think it’s funny when poeple are more engaged with their blackberries than with themselves…(-:

    ahhh….I’m so happy Winona is well….

  2. She is such a cutie with that short haircut! Although I would love to see her grow it out again. Thanks for the pics!

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