A few reminders

Sunday, Jun 1, 2008

The forum has,also again, a new theme. I found this one and it looks pretty. So, register and start to chat

Our Library is always being updated, the “news” articles aren’t appearing in the first page because they’re archived by date. Unfortunally there’s no sign indicating new articles, but you can always browse around. I’l also accepting help with this section, so if you have any article, interview, review or ANYTHING you think it can be added, please contact me.

Also, I’ve started to work – again – in our filmography section. So I just insert some really quick overview in all movies, while I work in the full content.

If you visit Winona Online a few time, you can noticed that I used to feature some sites at month. I really like to do this, because I can point my visitors to some of my favorite sites around. I’ve stopped this a few months ago, but since last month I’m doing this again, and now we have a section specially to my monthly choices. This month’s choice is Confessions of Christina Ricci, the longest and greatest site dedicated to Miss Ricci online. It’s worthwhile to do a visit.