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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just found some new pictures and added it to the gallery. But READ THIS FIRST, PLEASE, because I would like to ask: if you was going to repost it elsewhere, it doesn’t hurts if you just tell your visitors (or the board’s members) that you find this pictures here. I saw a lot of pictures that was found here – for sure – posted in forums and other Winona galleries and, know what? My side didn’t received a single visit because the people just don’t be nice enough to say “found this on”. As I said, will doesn’t hurts and you’ll make this now unmotivated webmistress happy. It’s fair enough my site receives some credits/visits because I’ve spent money and time searching, buying, uploading this pictures, don’t you think?

So, please… I don’t mind if you’re posting this elsewhere. Well, actually I do, but there’s nothing I can do about it right? So the least you can do is tell around that you find it here, please. Be nice as much I’m nice in posting some exclusive pictures that you never had seen before.

Also, you can’t direct link pictures from here anymore. As I said, I have access to a thousand forums around and always have the stats search to see who is linking here and who’s not. And I saw that a lot of “so funny people” was direct linking my pictures around just copying and pasting the pic url. This is a BIG no-no, there’s a lot of free image hosting sites and you can use any of them. Don’t be lazy, ok?

The Ten set pictures – Car scene
The Ten – Set Pictures
Set #20 – HQ pictures
February 28, 2005 – Melrose Avenue
September 11, 2006 – NY State Armory
July 30, 2004 – Tracey Ross
September 07, 2003 – West Hollywood

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  1. I love It’s the ONLY Winona site I visit. You rock Luciana!

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