New gallery layout

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007

Just made a new layout to the gallery, with the wonderful Brian Bowen Smith portrait, which was totally new to me. Thanks to WRNC for the heads up.

A little update: For now, comments are disabled on the gallery. It was full os fucking spammers, the captcha script wasn’ working, so unfortunally you can’t leave comments there, but you can leave comments here.

UPDATE: I have fixed some weird bug in the gallery, now all pictures are enlarging again. Thanks Henry and Yoshi for letting me know.

2 Comments on “New gallery layout”

  1. in the gallery non of the images are enlarging for me. The javascript does not seem to work. I have tried IE6 and Firefox.

  2. Hello Miss. Ryder :
    I’d like to teel you that you are one of the most great actres that i ever seen her in my life so please try to be continue at the same style as you as now .. I can say that ( The Lost Souls ) it’s one of the best charactor you’ve been done .

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