Milan Fashion Week

Saturday, Sep 29, 2007

Winona Ryder attented the Alberta Ferretti Fashion Show, last September 26. I found 35 pictures from this events, and you can find it here.

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  1. “Why do you like to write or post photos about Winona?” – stupid question…(-;

    Because it’s the logical thing to do…(-:

    Great pics btw, Winona looks soo georgeus, on they sepculated found the fountain of youth somewere…

  2. Luciana, I’m sorry but I’m not seeing your point, I think your answer is incomplete, why is the logical thig to do?

  3. Gustavo, because I’m Winona fan, I have a website on her and, well, the site needs to be updated right? What’s the point to mantain a website with NO new picture or informations about miss Ryder?

    VulcanNonibird, yeah I can see it now. Will change it asap. Sorry about it.

  4. Thanks Luciana for taking your time for anwering my question. I think Winona is lovely, one of the most beautiful actress ever.

    I found this site because my 11 years old daughter wants to create a fan site of Daniel Radcliffe, so trying to get some ideas to help her I found this site and I belive it has been created with a lot of elegance.

    May be you can help us to build ours.

    Regarding Winona, I don’t understand how this beautiful woman is still single. Do you know her?

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