Gallery addictions

Saturday, Aug 4, 2007

Added some new sorted pictures to the gallery.

  • 02x Marc Jacobs t-shirts
  • 04x Winona pictures after being photographed with Val Kilmer, in 2005
  • 08x 2005 Murderball Premiere
  • 08x Holywood Music Charity Concert
  • 17x Sundance Film Festival – Walking around with Paul Rudd
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    1. dear pretty

      i like your smile you are really a snow white a little princess, without your smile and breath the life is cold.
      your exist adding to the world the romance and the meaning of conituation.
      if you touch the fire ,the fire will not burn you but caress your silky skin because you are adorable.

      would you send me a souvenir?
      i do not think that my mail will reach you because you are under the lights.
      ps i m 35 years old
      a civil engineer

    2. Gustavo, the picture is from 2005. She was with Val Kilmer (in a quickly date day) and I think it was a ‘message’ to photographer.

    3. It is not easy to see a lady like her to lose control…at the end…a human been to be. Are you from Argentina, I mean it for your name.

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