Review: Opening Night with The Ten

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2007

I was happy to go to The Ten premiere and afterparty on Monday night; the movie itself was nerve-wrackingly funny. I didn’t think it was possible to break any more movie taboos yet somehow David Wain succeeded. Describing the movie is nearly impossible — part Borat, part Woody Allen. Winona Ryder seduces a wooden puppet, then plays a parody of herself. The one fault: they condensed so much humor. I was often overwhelmed; I had no time to decide whether to love or hate each gag and bit, or simply let the shock overtake me.

Winona Ryder did the red carpet, had her picture snapped, but I didn’t see her in the theater or at the afterparty. Apparently, during Sundance she came to the screening, but couldn’t get in because her entourage was too large. Maybe she decided to skip the NY scene. Soon she’ll be on the cover of Vogue; I’m happy she’s poised for a comeback.