Christian Slater And Winona Ryder Sign Up For ‘Heathers 2’

Sunday, Aug 27, 2006


Actor Christian Slater is to team up with Winona Ryder for a ?€?Heathers?€™ sequel.

Although Slater dies in the first film he and Ryder have both signed up to star in a follow up to the cult classic.

Director and writer of the first film Daniel Walters will be writing the new film and may also direct.

In the first film Slater helps Ryder seek her revenge on a group of girls who are all named Heather.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ryder said: “I don’t know how much is official; it’s a way away.

“But it takes place in Washington and Christian Slater agreed to come back and make an Obi-Wan-type appearance. It’s very funny.”

It is as yet unsure when production will begin on the film?