Exclusive video

Thursday, Feb 2, 2006

I opened a new media section dedicated to video clips encoded by ourselves. It won’t be anything huge but we’ll be adding some stuff whenever it’s possible. You already have some other great sources for that, such as the very complete Winona Ryder Media Center.

We have yet to work on the other sections of the site because they weren’t made by ourselves and there’s a lot to change or update. Be patient! 🙂 Jen and I will be working on it whenever we can (or feel like it lol). 😉

Anyway, the first video I encoded from one of my DVD is Winona’s tiny role in “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”. It’s only 2:17 minutes long but it’s worth checking out, especially because the movie didn’t get released in many countries. At least not yet.

EDIT: Working and tested! 🙂