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This is your first look at Winona Ryder on the set of the TV movie When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story.

Currently shooting in Toronto, the CBS/Hallmark Hall of Fame drama tells the true story of the troubled but enduring love between Lois Wilson, co-founder of Al-Anon, and her alcoholic husband Bill, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ryder, a two-time Academy Award nominee, plays the title character and Canadian actor Barry Pepper plays her husband. The story, which spans three decades, is based on the biography by William G. Borchert.

Lois married Bill in 1918 and, following his stint in WWI, they settled in New York City where she worked as an occupational therapist and he thrived as a securities analyst. Their seemingly idyllic life together started to come apart due to Bill’s drinking problem. Bill went on to co-found AA with Dr. Bob Smith and Lois later helped to create Al-Anon – a program for the loved ones of alcoholics.

Thanks to websites Pop Goes the News and for the pictures, and Chris for the heads up. I’m currently working on find more pictures untagged. Wish me luck. :)

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Winona is in the latest issue (5-11 november 2009) of “L’express Styles”, the supplement of L’Express, a very well known magazine in France.
Michael Futura has translated the article for us, so take a minute, click on “read more” to read it.

A big thanks to Mel for scanning it for us.

3 reasons to (re) discover Winona Ryder

At 37 years, the actress made her comeback in The Private Lives of Pippa LeeA moving film by Rebecca Miller, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller. Exclusive for L’Express Styles, it is revealed in privacy.

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Out magazine did today an article talking about the many girls Marc has chosen during the years to make his fashion campaigns, or being an inspiration. Winona, of course, is listed:

Winona Ryder
In 2001, Ryder, the poster child of anti-Hollywood starlets and alienated souls everywhere, was charged with shoplifting from Beverly Hills’s Saks Fifth Avenue. In the onslaught of controversy that followed — which included a show trial — Ryder caught Jacobs’s attention. He thought she looked so cute in the black and white dress she wore to court, he hired her for his 2003 Marc Jacobs ad campaign, shot by Juergen Teller.


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Variety reports that Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper are going to star in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story”.

This television movie will begin shooting this week in Toronto. The show itself is going to run later this season on CBS.

When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story will tell the true story of Lois Wilson, she was the co-founder of Al-Anon. It will also look into her relationship with her alcoholic husband Bill Wilson. He was one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The couple lived a lavish lifestyle in the 1920s, but Bill’s drinking eventually caused them both problems. Eventually, Wilson became sober — but Lois continued to have a hard time due to his alcoholism. Al-Anon was started in 1951 to aid people whose “loved ones battle addiction.”

When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story is going to be based on the book by William Borchert. He also wrote the screenplay with Camille Thomasson.

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According to Variety, Winona is filming a new project: When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story. This is the tale of Lois Wilson, married to an alcoholic who was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. In 1951, Lois founded Al-Anon, a support group for friends and family of alcoholics. This movie is a Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation for CBS.

The movie is based on Lois Wilson biography:

Near the bottom of her husband Bill’s downward spiral into alcoholic hell, when he collapsed one night in a drunken stupor in the hallway of their Clinton Street, Brooklyn home, Lois Wilson felt she could bear no more. Pounding hysterically on his chest, she screamed out in despair: “You don’t even have the decency to die!” The compelling story behind this painful, oft-repeated scene eventually led to two of the most important movements of the twentieth century: Alcohol Anonymous and Al-Anon.

Lois Wilson, the wife of the man who co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), stuck by her husband through his seventeen years of tormented and abusive alcoholic drinking, believing that her unconditional love could get him sober. But it could not. The daughter of well-to-do parents, this loving and determined women watched her husband, Bill Wilson, destroy his career, his relationships and his health, checking into and out of alcoholic sanatoriums as he neared the point of insanity and death. Finally, through a life-changing spiritual experience, the fellowship of AA was born.

It was through Lois Wilson’s heart-rending, emotional struggle and her witnessing other spouses and children similarly impacted that she came to realize that alcoholism is a family disease and that the solution was a program for recovery, a family support group that came to be known as Al-Anon.

No info found, yet, about Noni’s character in this movie.

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I still didn’t had access to my blu-ray, but thanks to mata, now we have screencaptures of the three Winona’s Star Trek deleted scenes.
As soon I have my copy in hands, I’ll do clips for you, ok?

Movies > Star Trek > Deleted Scene #01 – Screencaptures
Movies > Star Trek > Deleted Scene #02 – Screencaptures
Movies > Star Trek > Deleted Scene #03 – Screencaptures


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