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Nine Five Interview

Winona: I wanna go to Australia so bad! I’ve never been!

Because I’ve almost done movies there but then for whatever reason they’ve fallen apart. Like, I was hoping on this movie we’d get to go there but because of Vince’s baby we can’t do a trip like that but I can’t wait to go there. I’ve got a lot of friends from there

So why are there so many films these days starring chubby men and hot women?
(laughs) Oh… I don’t know. I feel like I would sound a bit sexist but I do think there is some truth that women fall in love with the person inside, someone who’s gentle. I think there are all different kinds of women and some women don’t think this way but looks aren’t as important to women as they are to most men. I don’t know what the exact percentages are but I’m sure there are men who feel the same way, but Kevin James is a real charm and has a real sweetness about him that draws you in and so I can totally see Geneva [Ryder’s character] being swept off her feet by this sort of mad scientist really sweet shy guy. I get it. I get it (laughs) Continue reading Nine Five Interview

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SAG pictures

With a week of late (I’m so sorry for this), here’s pictures of Winona last Sunday at SAG Awards. Winona got a nomination for her role in “When Love is Not Enough” and also for “Black Swan”.