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Black Swan – Toronto Premiere

Sep 14th, 2010

Finally! Yesterday was the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Black Swan, and Winona attended it! I wasn’t even bothering to look for pictures last night, I though she wouldn’t be there. Great surprise, it’s awesome seeing her attending premieres again. <3 I'll look for HQ pictures, but for now, added near 70 MQ pictures. Enjoy!

ps: Natalie looks so tan near Winona. :love:

Gallery: 1998 events

Sep 12th, 2010

As promised, more old pictures added. Missing HQ pictures of 1998 events. Enjoy! <3

Gallery: 1997 events

Sep 12th, 2010

Still going through our gallery, to see what’s being missed, I added a few HQ pictures into 1997 events albums. I hope you enjoy! I’ll be doing this in all past albums, so keep checking back! 😉

RIP Glenn Shadix

Sep 8th, 2010

Glenn Shadix, 58, best known for playing interior designer Otho in the movie Beetlejuice (1988), died Tuesday morning in Birmingham, Ala., according to a statement posted by the actor’s family on his official website. Shadix, who was in a wheelchair due to mobility problems, reportedly died after falling and hitting his head in his kitchen, the actor’s sister told The Birmingham News. Director Tim Burton cast Shadix in Beetlejuice after seeing him portray Gertrude Stein in a Los Angeles play. Shadix would work with Burton again on The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Planet of the Apes (2001). Shadix also did voice work for the animated show Teen Titans, and guest starred in such shows as Carnivàle and Seinfeld (as Jerry’s landlord). A memorial service is scheduled for Sept. 11 in Birmingham.

Black Swan: A rare and beautiful thing – a perfect movie.

Sep 4th, 2010

(…) Similar too is the way that this film uses the star personae of its actors to enrich things, whilst also studying some of the same key issues: fear of aging and of being less than you once were. If Mickey Rourke’s own ups and downs were expressed in that last film, then Winona Ryder’s are mined here. Her aging dancer, Beth, was once a star. But now she finds herself no longer wanted and considered too old to play the main role. Portman is the upstart here: the new Winona Ryder.

Once upon a time, Ryder was the young and attractive female lead of Edward Scissorhands, whereas most recently she was Spock’s mum in the latest Star Trek. It is typically bleak of Aronofsky to make this statement, which implies a less than ideal future for Portman, but it certainly works and gives the drama an added dimension, aswell as a sense of hyper-reality amidst the madness and despair. Incidentally, Ryder is also very good in the role, and will certainly be hoping for a Rourke-style comeback of her own. (…)


Comeback alert: Winona Ryder in Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’

Sep 4th, 2010

We normally leave awards show predictions and analysis to our brother blog Gold Derby, but we couldn’t help but notice the first round of reviews for Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan.”

While lead Natalie Portman may generate awards buzz for her turn as a tortured ballerina, the early notices for Winona Ryder are what flagged our comeback radar.

Ryder, who makes a brief appearance as an aging dancer being shoved from the spotlight, brings “an almost frighteningly credible neurotic intensity” and “sets the bar high for Portman to match,” according to film critic Todd McCarthy.

This is precisely the kind of delicious, arty-but-campy turn that could propel Ryder back into the mainstream — which frankly she’s been on the margins of since 2002’s “Mr. Deeds,” released shortly after her arrest on shoplifting charges at a Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

We can’t wait to see for ourselves, but we’d love some Winona in the supporting actress category if she makes “Swan” dance.

— Matt Donnelly

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