Video Archive is up!

As told you previously, I’m working in a new video archive, and the new version is already up.

The videos we already had in steaming are up again, and now I’m working in add the ones we have in the gallery, and also the huge amount of videos I have on my hard drive.

If you have old videos and want to contribute, please contact us. Credits will be given, of course. Thank you!

“Alien Resurrection” Premiere, 1997

Back to our old appearances pictures updates, I have 16 new HQ pictures of Winona at “Alien Resurrection” Premiere, held in November 1997. I absolutely LOVE her look at this ones, hair, clothes and make-up are perfect!

Exclusive Photoshoot – Part 01

So, here’s part of the surprise I was waiting to be posted here. The gallery was updated with 28 extremely rare outtakes from a 2009 photoshoot Winona did. It’s the first part of it, since the whole set has 640 pictures. It will be added it in small batches, and the first one is the set I used at our new layout.
The pictures has a small tag on it because it wasn’t easier (or cheap) to get. All I ask is that if you post it at your forum/tumblr, give us a link back and don’t remove the tag. I can replace the tagged ones for untagged in a near future.

Enjoy the treat, and there’s more coming!

Winona Forever it’s on Tumblr and Facebook

You probably already follow us in our Twitter account, but today I add our website on Tumblr and Facebook also. So, if you’re part of one of this medias, be sure to follow us and join the party.

In other website note, I’m currently working on a new streaming media site. I really hate our previous one, that’s why is so outdated. It shall be open and running by tomorrow. Also, if you access our Tumblr, will check some teasing of our next updates. I’m sure you’ll love it.

“Stay Cool” High-Def Screencaptures

I totally forgot we just had MQ sized screencaptures of this movie in our gallery, which is a shame since Winona looks so beautiful in it! I’m sorry for taking so long… I added 900+ HD screencaptures in the gallery.

“The Ten” Premiere at Sundance, 2007

This pictures aren’t HQ sized, but are too cute to not be posted. They’re from “The Ten” premiere in Sundance Festival, back in 2007. I added 39 smallish mq pics to the gallery:

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