Timothy Leary and Winona Ryder

I am often asked about Timothy Leary, who was he, and what was his connection with Winona Ryder. Timothy Leary was the key figure in the 1960s counterculture movement and would probably be best described as a social renegade before it was fashionable to be one. He was kicked out of the West Point Military Acadmey and also dismissed from Harvard University for experimenting with hallucinating drugs on his students, and that of course, won him both notoriety and jail time. It was that whole “turn on, tune in and drop out” thing that made Leary a controversial figure some years before the entire world felt the need to go to San Francisco and put flowers in its hair.

The connection with Winona and Timothy Leary was that he was her godfather, and that came about three months after Winona was born when her father Michael Horowitz, who by then was working both as a bookseller of counterculture literature and also as Leary’s archivist.

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Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, 1995

I was able to get back one of those missed files mentioned here, and added 12 new HQ pictures of Winona attending the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, in March of 1995. It’s a great addition since we used to have only one picture of this event. Check the beauty:

A few pictures additions

I was looking on my sources and have found some new photoshoots we didn’t had in the gallery. Also, with a huge thanks to Renee we have now some pretty HQ portraits/stills of ‘Heathers’ and Welcome Home, ‘Roxy Carmichael’. Check it:

Rumour: Winona Ryder for Prometheus?

This just came into my inbox, and I’m too excited for waiting more emails about it:

Ben Foster is in talks to star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Prometheus’, who joins the cast of the movie directed by Ridley Scott. Ben who has worked in ‘Mechanic’ and ‘The Messenger’, will now join the cast of the movie with Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Sean Harris and Logan Marshall-Greene. It is also believed that, Ian Holm, Lance Henriksen, Winona Ryder also joined the cast of the movie ‘Prometheus’.

’Prometheus’ is turning into one of the most exciting and anticipating movies in production is expected to reach the theaters on June 1, 2012 in 3D. The synopsis of the story has been revealed recently. It tells about a team of scientists and explorers, who are set on a thrilling expedition, which tests them physically and mentally, which also strand them on a different and distant world. There they will discover the answers of most fundamental questions and the ultimate mystery of life.


Another Exclusive Update – Part 04

And yet again, more of that exclusive photoshoot were added. 70+ new photos were added, you can check in our gallery.

Upcoming Event: Nigel Goodall guest post

I think you may have been heard about Nigel Goodall. He’s the author of “Winona Ryder: The Biography“, published in 1998 (I use a brief excerpt of it on our biography page). So, he will be celebrating 20 years of publishing this year, and he’ll be doing a guest post here at Winona Forever between now and September as part of the celebration.

I’m sure he’ll have some great histories to tell us. Stay tuned! And be sure to visit Nigell on his official Facebook account and his official website.

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