Tim Burton talks about “Frankenweenie”

Tim Burton did an interview to Collider website about his most recent projects, while promoting “Dark Shadows”, and of course “Frankenweenie” was one of the subjects. Check it the excerpts about Winona:

In the past decade, you’ve worked a lot with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but they’re not involved with this film. However, you do have Martin Landau, Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara doing voices, and you’ve worked with them before, but not for a while. Was that purposeful?
Yeah, there was a little something to that. This is such a personal thing that I wanted to do whatever I could to keep it personal. Always, the voices have to be right. With Martin [Short] and Catherine [O’Hara], they’re so good. That’s why I had them do three voices each. To me, there’s a great energy with that. And Winona [Ryder], I hadn’t seen for many years. Same with Martin [Landau]. Anything like that just makes it that much more personal.

At any point in the casting, did you reach out to Daniel Stern or Shelley Duvall?

Burton: No, I didn’t, and not for any reason ‘cause they were great. There were certain elements that I thought were appropriate to do, as was, and then there were certain other elements that made it personal for other reasons, like working with Catherine [O’Hara], Martin [Short] and Winona [Ryder]. They weren’t on the original project, but it’s a similar thing in a different way.

Check the whole interview at the Collider website.

“The Stare” retitled

From IMDb (Melancholic_Swinton):

I (hesitantly) emailed Jay Anania (the film’s director), just telling him I was really anticipating the film etc. and if there was any new information. He very kindly and courteously responded confirming that it was now called The Letter (and would be distributed under that name), and that it is to be distributed by Wrekin Hill Entertainment (a sub-company of Lionsgate). Even he’s not sure when the film’s release date is, but said that he believes Wrekin Hill has contractually committed to release it this year, adding that it will most likely have a ‘small theatrical’ release and then ‘different VOD and dvd stuff’.

“Sex & Death 101” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

So I got a nice surprise today, my friend Jennifer (which runs leslie-bibb.net) got Sex & Death 101 in Blu-Ray and sent me screen captures of Winona’s scenes, plus menus and trailers. You can find now screen captures up in our gallery:

“Beetlejuice 2” is a Sequel, All Major Characters May Return

Bloody-Disgusting caught up with writer Seth Grahame-Smith during the “Dark Shadows” press conference and asked him for an update on “Beetlejuice 2” and whether Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis or Winona Ryder’s characters will return.

It’s all possible. In terms of the story, however, many years that are between the two films will be the amount of years that are between the two story lines. It’s not a reboot or a remake, it’s a straight sequel with Michael Keaton returning as Beetlejuice.

Having in mind that it’s a big “IF”, would you like to see Winona back as an adult Lydia?

Winona at Loomstate’s 321 line launch

Just in time for Earth Day on Sunday, the fashion crowd went crunchy two nights ago at the charity concept store Treasure & Bond in Soho when Rogan Gregory and Scott MacKinlay Hahn of eco-fashion line Loomstate took over to debut their Loomstate 321 line.

Winona was there, and I’ve added a few pictures of the event. Sadly, mostly pictures are still tagged, and I’m working to get it in better quality for you.

She also gave a quick interview to site Fashionista, which you can read below:

The stunning actress seriously hasn’t aged a day since Heathers (she recently modeled some H&M x Marni out in L.A.) and looked amazing in a Loomstate 321 tee under a fitted leather moto jacket. She seemed a bit discombobulated–first warmly greeting us, then asking for a moment (“I just need to fix my lipstick”) and later apologizing for being out of it because she “took the redeye in.” We asked her to share the most earth friendly thing that she does and we think we kind of confused her.

“Let me think,” Ryder giggled. “Maybe you should pause it [gesturing to our recorder]. I’m trying to think of the greenest things that I do. I don’t under….You mean like in my own personal? So boring. For the line? What? I’m sorry…”

We felt bad for flustering the jet-legged actress and backtracked to an easier question: How does she know Gregory and MacKinlay Hahn?

“I’ve known them for a few years and I’m a huge fan of their designs, but also their deep commitment to the environment,” she slowly articulated. “And you know they’re doing what everybody should be doing and with sustainability and with keeping it organic and I’m just excited for them. They’re great guys and the thing is so awesome. Such a great example and it’s something that you can wear eight million ways and believe me I tried them all tonight. I speak from experience.”

So taking the eight-dresses-in-one in mind, how many times would Ryder wear the design before she threw it in the wash, we asked?

“Well, I would have to double check with Scott because I’ve been schooled about laundry by them,” Ryder said. “I just used to do my laundry and I never thought about it. Then through them I really learned that you don’t have to wash your jeans every [day]…and it’s actually better.”

So there you have it: Stars, lazy with laundry–just like us.

HQ gallery additions

Everything is quiet so I went ahead and added a few more HQ pictures in our ever growing picture collection. The pictures are 2010/2012 events only, but so pretty… You can see the previews below or follow the links for the albums:

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