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VF in talks with Winona Ryder: The Iceman

Sep 14th, 2012

Vanity Fair did a round of interviews during the 2012 TIFF and here’s the one they did with Winona:

Bravo Developing a “Heathers” TV Show

Sep 13th, 2012

Because nothing is sacred, and also because Teen Clique shows do very well over on ABC Family, Bravo is working on a television reboots of the seminal 1988 girls being horrible to each other movie Heathers. The new version would center around Veronica’s teen daughter, who tangos with a new group of high school harpies known as … the Ashleys. With all due respect to the Ashleys of the world, that is not the most threatening name. Could we suggest “the Courtneys?” Also, could we suggest not ruining Heathers?

Well, Vulture tells everything. Why they keep doing this to us?

PS: If you did this gif, please let me know so I can credit you.

New “Frankenweenie” Clip Has Arrived

Sep 12th, 2012

Another clip has landed from “Frankenweenie”, focusing on science teacher Mr. Rzykruski (Martin Landau, channeling his Oscar-winning turn as Bela Lugosi in Burton’s masterpiece “Ed Wood” — “Pull the strings! Pull the strings!). It’s brief, but as promising as everything else we’ve seen from the film. The film hits theaters on October 5th.

TIFF: “The Iceman” Q&A & Press Conference Videos

Sep 12th, 2012

So here’s the full videos of both Q&A presented after the movie screening, and the press conference done at TIFF.

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TIFF: “The Iceman” Screening Pictures Added

Sep 12th, 2012

So, finally here’s the pictures of Winona attending the premiere of “The Iceman” at TIFF festival, two days ago. She was gorgeous in a very basic vintage dress, hair pulled back in a ponytail and more relaxed than her usual. A pleasure to see! Check 85 HQ pictures in our gallery:

I have a few more pictures of the press conference, that will be added later today.

No phoenix force driving Ryder

Sep 12th, 2012

Winona Ryder has been working steadily for years, following a hiatus in the wake of her sensationalized shoplifting conviction dating back to an incident in 2001 at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Yet many people, including media who don’t do their homework, seem to think that every new movie is a miraculous “comeback” from total obscurity.

So there was Ryder again defending herself and her career at Monday’s Toronto filmfest press conference for her latest film, the drama The Iceman. Ryder plays Deborah Kuklinski, the wife of true-life mob contract killer Richard Kuklinski, who is portrayed by Michael Shannon. The same film just screened at the Venice filmfest and Ryder said she got the same question there.

“I’ve been asked that question a bit in Venice and I don’t know if I’m developing a little bit of a complex, because I don’t know if you’re saying: ‘We missed you!’ or you’re saying: ‘What are you doing here? You’re not welcome!’ ”

Ryder, now 40 and living happily in San Francisco, said she is enjoying her age, her life and her career as an actress who works only when the role calls to her. Like it did in Ariel Vromen’s The Iceman.

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