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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Screencaptures

Just finished watching and capping Winona interview on Jimmy Fallon (aired last wednesday) and it was great! Loved all the ‘internet’ part, hey, soon she’ll have a laptop. 😆

Screencaptures are now up in the gallery and I am still trying to fix the video, I have it up here but having a few sync issues. Will post on the main page as soon I have it fixed and you can watch the video below:

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‘The Letter’ Screencaptures

Well, Blu-Ray turn myself into a very spoiled fan, and I’ve been waiting to add this ones for a while, waiting for a HD copy to make caps. But since the movie wasn’t released in Blu-Ray, it won’t happen, so here’s screen captures of ‘The Letter’. If you didn’t yet, get your own DVD copy.

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Winona Will Headline New David Hare Film

Roger Friedman attended the New York screening for ‘The Iceman’ and announced a new project for Winona on Showbiz 411

I can tell you she’s just signed to star in David Hare’s sequel to his British film, “Page Eight.” This is a big deal. Hare may use some of the “Page Eight” cast too, like Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz. But it’s Winona’s turn. There’s an Oscar in her future. You can feel it.

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‘We Got it Covered’ Interview With Winona Ryder

Getting things started, we went right to asking Winona if she believed Kuklinski’s wife knew about his contract killing lifestyle:

Winona Ryder: I do. There wasn’t much research available on her that I was aware of. The research that was available was mainly the interviews with [Kuklinski] and the book, so in order to find anything out I’d have to get through hours of him talking about shooting people in the face and then just get a snippet about her. I wouldn’t say so much in the research said it, but I don’t see how anyone could be in a relationship for that long and be married, have kids, for that many years, in an era where people had offices and secretaries and he’s got just a beeper – there were too many things like that. My feeling, and this is just my personal feeling, is that she did know to a certain extent, but she was just in a very obviously deep state of denial, and to acknowledge it or ask the questions would have meant she would have had to bear some of the responsibility. She would have had to leave.

I think in a way she liked her life. She liked nice things. She like how she was living.

It’s interesting because you hear a lot about actresses talking about strong roles for women, and I actually think sometimes playing weaker people can be just as interesting and challenging. I think in a way there was a little bit of denial, but also she just didn’t have the courage. I think we’ve all dealt with denial to a certain extent, it’s very human, but this is to a level that’s mind-boggling to me.

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