March 26, 2012   Categories: The Iceman2 Comments

The Playlist has online the first poster of Ariel Vromen’s real-life hitman chronicle “The Iceman.” The story follows the exploits of Richard Kulinski, one of the most notorious mob hitmen, claiming over 100 kills while keeping his true identity secret from his wife and kids. David Schwimmer plays fellow hitman Josh Rosenthal with Ray Liotta as his mob boss Roy Demoe, Winona Ryder as Michael Shannon’s unsuspecting wife and Chris Evans as his mentor.

March 2, 2012   Categories: Frankenweenie4 Comments

Tim Burton, the mastermind behind “Edward Scissorhands,” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” just released the trailer for his latest film, “Frankenweenie.” An animated comedy and horror film, “Frankenweenie” is set to hit theaters on Oct. 5.

Tim Burton is reuniting with Winona Ryder, who voices the character Elsa van Helsing. This marks the pairs third collaboration, the first being “Beetlejuice,” and the last “Edward Scissorhands,” which was 21-years-ago.

February 21, 2012   Categories: Frankenweenie1 Comment

So far we’ve only seen a handful of photos for Tim Burton’s adaptation of his stop-motion animated short Frankenweenie featuring the voices of Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Tom Kenny and Martin Landau as various characters. Now we have the first moving image of sorts from the film in the form on an animated poster teasing the film’s fall release later this year. It’s cute and a bit dark all at the same time, something we’ve come to expect from Burton. Even though it’s an adaptation, it’s about as close to something original Burton has done as a director in a long time.

Disney is bringing Frankenweenie to theaters everywhere in 3D starting on October 5th, 2012 late this year.

February 19, 2012   Categories: Photos4 Comments

The clothes won’t go on sale until March 8, but on February 17, the Marni for H&M Collection launched in Los Angeles. Marni for H&M commercial director Sofia Coppola and Black Swan actress Winona Ryder were some of the attendees at Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House event.

Winona Ryder made a pretty picture at the launch. The Girl, Interrupted actress looked charming in her printed ensemble. She accessorized her Marni for H&M graphic print coat with one of the collection’s paillette collars. Celebrity Fashion also IDed her embellished Marni sandals.

Check pictures in our gallery.

February 7, 2012   Categories: Photos7 Comments

So, here’s the last batch of the amazing and exclusive photoshoot I’ve been sharing since last year. The whole shoot is really pretty, but this ones are my favorites. I hope you guys like it!

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My friend Annika nicely sent us better quality screen captures of that Friends episode Winona Ryder guest starred back in 2001.


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