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The nominations for the 85th Annual Academy Awards was just announced, and “Frankenweenie” got its one as “Animated Feature Film”!

Congratulations to Tim Burton for it, and also the whole cast and crew.

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A video with the behind-the-scenes footage of The Killers video has been released, watch it below:

I added screen captures of this video, plus some HQ pics of Winona on set (thanks ChrisB as always):

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Here is the “The Killers” video directed by Tim Burton and starred by Winona Ryder.

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Frankenweenie has been pointed as the best Tim Burton work in the latest ten years and this is being assured now with the awards season. The film just got a nomination to 2013 Golden Globes Awards as Best Animation Feature Film!

The movie has won already at the New Yok Film Critics, Los Angeles Film Critics and Boston Society Critics, and a nomination at the Sattelite Awards and Annie Awards!

Congratulations to cast and crew!

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The Sunday Times Culture Magazine: 14.10.12

“Winona has been animated at last…”

She changed the way cinema depicts women, then disappeared. Reunited with Tim Burton on a new cartoon, Winona tells Jonathan Dean what it’s like to be lost.

The slow crawl to Disneyland, on roads such as Magic Way, is lined with palm trees. At two in the afternoon on what the radio announces is the second day of autumn, they’re the only shelter other than Buzz Lightyear banners or the vast foyer of the Grand Californian Hotel. The latter is accomodation designed by fans of The Shining: floral chic, cobwebbed, brainwashed staff. Kids in swimming costumes run around in Mickey Mouse ears. I head staright for the lift.

Why is a thitrysomething man hanging out in Walt’s kingdom all by himself? The answer, oddly, is the icon of early-1990s cinema, the goth poster girl for the alternative nation, Winona Ryder, who is waiting in a suite on the hotel’s fourth floor. I’m also going to spend the half-hour with Martin Short, but I haven’t really told anyone that. He’s lovely telling me about a recent family reunion in London with his “fabulous” politician cousin, Clare, but you don’t fly 11 hours to meet Martin Short. He was hilarious in Father of the Bride, but, with the best will in the world, he has never changed the way people make films. Ryder, though, did.

Dressed in loose black trousers, a black jacket and a white T-shirt, with her hair tied back, she talks with a quiver in her voice, brown eyes darting, eager to please or, maybe, just nice. Short is in a casual suit, reclining on a sofa, staring at me like an ever-watchful chaperone. Yes, Ryder shoplifted back in 2001, but for anyone who wants to continue to laugh at that, there’s the internet. Besides Hollywood has worse. People still work with Roman Polanski. Ryder’s hero, Jodie Foster has a close relationship with Mel Gibson. This is an industry that rewards sinners who aren’t contrite. Ryder has constantly said she’s sorry.

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It was released last November 06th Ben Lee: Catch My Disease, the documentary on singer-songwriter Ben Lee.

The movie — written, directed and produced by filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson — is described as a “playful yet deeply intimate portrait of Lee” and “the issues of celebrity and spirituality that arise when launched into the spotlight,” according to the producers.

Among those interviewed are ex-girlfriend Claire Danes and friends Jason Schwartzman, Michelle Williams, Beastie Boy Mike D, Zooey Deschanel and Winona Ryder.

I’ve been trying to find it on iTunes or Amazon but it seems it’s not available, but you can find on Barnes & Noble. Or check on their Facebook official page for more links.

Watch the trailer below:


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