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Happy 42th Birthday, Winona Ryder!

Oct 29th, 2013

Today is Winona’s 42th birthday, and another one that we celebrate together. Winona Forever and all visitors and fellow fans would like to wish her an AMAZING day with her dearest ones. At this time, last year, she was afraid of internet. Now she has an iPhone, so, what about trying your lucky and leave her a birthday message here? 😉

‘Homefront’ Red Band Trailer

Oct 22nd, 2013

A new RED BAND trailer for ‘Homefront‘ was released. Check it:

Winona on the front row at Marc Jacob’s NYFW presentation

Sep 13th, 2013

The Mermaids were there! Winona attended last night the Marc Jacobs show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and was accompanied from the lovely Christina Ricci and Park Posey. Check pictures added in our gallery:

Thanks Marica for some of these pictures!

Homefront First Trailer

Sep 13th, 2013

Open Road Films has unveiled this first trailer for the action thriller ‘Homefront,’ which is directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury, Don’t Say A Word) from a screenplay by Sylvester Stallone and based on the book by Chuck Logan. Starring Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, Clancy Brown, Frank Grillo and Rachelle Lefevre, ’Homefront’ will arrive in cinemas on November 27th.

‘Homefront’ follows Phil Broker (Jason Statham), a widowed ex-DEA agent who moves his family to a quiet town hoping to escape his past. However, he finds the town to be overrun with violence, drug traffickers and an evil meth magnate named Gator (James Franco). To save his endangered family, retribution is now the only thing Broker seeks.

‘Homefront’: First Look

Sep 10th, 2013

The first promotional stills of Homefront has surfaced.

In the action-thriller Homefront, Jason Statham plays former Drug Enforcement Administration agent Phil Broker who is trying to leave his violent life behind him. He moves with his daughter to small-town Louisiana, where he butts heads with a crime faction including a former biker chick (Winona Ryder) and the local crime leader, Gator (James Franco).

Anytime you run up against a guy named Gator in Louisiana, bad things are going to happen.

“(Broker) is trying to live off the grid with his daughter, live the idyllic life,” says director Gary Fleder. “But then he runs into Gator, who has a lot of people in town afraid. Looking at it within the paradigm of the classic Western, Gator is the guy with the black hat on. Even the sheriff doesn’t want to mess with him.”

Action follows in the movie (opening Nov. 27), which screenwriter/producer Sylvester Stallone adapted from the best-selling novel by Chuck Logan. Stallone had plans to star and direct, but passed it on to Statham when they were working together on 2012’s Expendables 2. The set-up allows Statham to move his game beyond strictly the action genre.

“I’ve done certain kind of roles up to now, and this is different from the usual tough-guy role, who does not show a lot of emotion and is mostly action,” Statham writes from the set of Expendables 3 in Bulgaria. “In this film you get to see the lighter side of me. Yet there is still the tough-guy element.”

Statham also shows a paternal side with his onscreen daughter, 12-year-old Izabela Vidovic, the first actress Fleder saw during a nationwide casting search for the part. He continued to look, but eventually circled back to Vidovic.

“Call it karma, or fate,” says Fleder. “Sometimes it’s actually just the best person who walked into the room on the first day. She’s got tremendous skill and charisma, and you really believe they are father and daughter.”

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Winona at US Open

Sep 1st, 2013

Winona attended yesterday the US Open proceedings at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York, and I have a few pictures added to the gallery:

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