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Last night Winona attended a New York screening for her most recent work, Turks & Caicos, hosted by Vogue and The Cinema Society. I have a few pictures added, some thanks to Claudia. Public Appearances > 2014 > Mar 07 | Vogue And The Cinema Society Host A Screening Of “Turks and Caicos”

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Still following our 10th anniversary presents, I will update our gallery by replacing some files, especially screen captures. To start, I have gorgeous HD captures of Winona’s very first movie, Lucas, to replace our previous HDTV ones. Follow the previews below: Movies > (1986) Lucas > DVD/Blu-Ray Screencaptures

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Winona is covering the April issue of Red magazine, that will be available next Tuesday, 4th March. Check the behind-the-scenes video and also some pretty pictures in our gallery: Magazine Scans & Clippings > 2014 – Red (April) Photoshoots, Portraits & Outtakes > Set #055 Photoshoots, Portraits & Outtakes > Behind-the-Scenes > Red (April 2014)

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Winona attended last night the AARP’s Movies For Grownups Awards Gala, in which she was one of the presenters. Check some HQ pictures added to our gallery: Public Appearances > 2014 > Feb 10 | 13th Annual AARP’s Movies For Grownups Awards Gala

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Winona attended last night the ‘Sean Penn & Friends Help Haiti Home’ event, and I have a few HQ pictures uploaded to the gallery. Thanks Claudia for her help on finding some of these pictures. Public Appearances > 2014 > Jan 11 | 3rd Annual Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala

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While looking to new pictures I came across this pretty shoot taken to People magazine while promoting ‘The Iceman’. Also, I replaced some pictures of ‘The Blackbook‘ covershoot for better quality ones. Press > Photoshoots, Portraits & Outtakes > Set #054 Press > Photoshoots, Portraits & Outtakes > Set #042


Winona Ryder, the iconic and talented Academy Award nominee actress, celebrated 25 years of career in 2011, and she has became an icon after her work on movies like "Heathers", "Beetlejuice", "Reality Bites", "Bram Stoker's Dracula", "Mermaids" and many more. Recently you saw her as Spock's mother in "Star Trek" and as the retired ballerina Beth in "Black Swan".
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Recent Projects
The Iceman
2013 | Deborah Pellicotti | Crime, Drama, Thriller
A stellar cast with Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans, David Schwimmer star this biopic based on the life of professional mob hitman Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski
Directed by: Ariel Vromen | On DVD
News / Photos / IMDb
2014 | Sheryl Mott | Action, Thriller
With a script of Sylvester Stallone, Winona joins Jason Stathan and James Franco to tell the story of a former DEA agent that moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord.
Directed by: Gary Fleder | On DVD
News / Photos / IMDb
Turks & Caicos
2014 | Melanie Fall | Drama, Mystery
Second part of 'Worricker Trilogy'.Johnny Worricker has walked out of his job at M15, going to the airport apparently to choose his destination at random. But his presence on the obscure islands of Turks and Caicos brings him a new problem: he is being forced by the CIA to deal with a group of ambiguous Americans who are on the islands for high-level conference on the world financial crisis.
Directed by: David Hare | Airin on BBC2
News / Photos / IMDb
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