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“1969” DVD Caps

New template in the gallery

We have a brand new gorgeous template in the gallery thanks to my lovely friend Kathy. She really managed to do what I had in mind. I hope you love it as much as I do! smile

By the way, I’ve also changed the configuration there in order to show random files, more last updated albums…


This has been a busy week for Winona’s public appearances.

Not only did she attend the Marc Jacobs fashion show on Monday (be sure to check out the gallery because we have lots of new additions), but she also went to the after-party for the Narciso fall show on Tuesday where she met Giovanni Ribisi.

Marc Jacobs fashion show

Winona attended the Marc Jacobs show during the Olympus Fashion Week this Monday in New York. She was looking truly lovely.

EDIT: I added 136 photos to the gallery, including 67 HQs.

For more beautiful photos, go to Lady Winona. 😉

Empire UK

Winona is featured in the February issue of Empire. She ranked at #158 at their list of “200 Things That Rocked Our World”.


New wallpapers created by myself were added and thanks to dsolo for sending in one of hers.Feel free to send in your creations! smile

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