Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Shooting a New Film Together

Exciting news has surfaced this week about a new project for Winona. She was spot on set in San Luis Obispo shooting a new movie with long time friend Keanu Reeves.

A video from a scene shot at the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport has also been released, and you can find some more videos published at The Tribune.

No further information about the movie has surfaced, but we’ll keep you informed.

  • Arnaud Gasser

    Wait and see… a romantic comedy ? Hope it will be better than “The Dilemma” !

  • StacyM

    Thanks for posting my video! Was a beautiful day, saying bye to my son Airman S. on his way to Alaska! 🙂

  • skip

    Hey Stacy..Great stuff!!!! and as a HUGE Winona fan it’s just nice seeing her, and in this case, at work..So again, well done and Thank You.