Winona on ‘Drunk History’, again?

Do you remember when Winona did Drunk History a few months ago? It seems she will be doing it again.
John Lithgow has posted on his Twitter about doing something with Winona and Jack Black for Drunk History.

Can’t wait to hear more about it. Thanks, once again, Chris B for the heads up!

  • Julian

    Not to be a jag, but it’s Drunk History. It’s… in the tweet.

  • Porter

    I wonder what they’ll be doing this time

  • Porter

    I wasn’t sure if your reply is for me but what I meant was what piece of history would they be doing. She did an episode called “Boston” last time and it was about Mary Dyer.

  • Porter

    BTW, you are a jag

  • Porter

    It’s a joke , btw—haha–the jag thing–although not joking when i’m saying now that disqus kinda sucks—doesn’t display the comments by order…i don’t know…great site though…anyway…

  • Yeah, my bad. Sorry.

  • hugo

    I thought Jack Black hate Winona