‘Turks & Caicos’ New York Screening

Last night Winona attended a New York screening for her most recent work, Turks & Caicos, hosted by Vogue and The Cinema Society. I have a few pictures added, some thanks to Claudia.

  • Ruben S

    Winona with Ana Wintour? Is she gonna be on the cover of Vogue again?

  • I don’t know, but the screening was hosted by Vogue. 🙂

  • Yo

    At any age, she’s just beautiful. I’m sure in another 10 years she’ll be as pretty as always. I get so intrigued with every movie she’s in. Go Winona! I’ll meet U someday T.T

  • Porter

    I just saw the movie. Congratulations to Winona for a very profound performance. I think this is her best role in a while. I really mean that. Now, for some lobster.