Citizen K Magazine Scans

Got a nice surprise on my email today. Our french friend Cecile got hands in a copy of Citizen K magazine and scanned it for us, with the article in English! You can see the previews below, and go to our gallery for full images:

Thanks, once again, Cecile!

  • Seymour Glass

    Sad to see how photoshop has ruined an otherwise beautiful shooting.

  • Perty

    Nice set. I wish the mag was available here.

  • Good set.

    Looking at IMDB one thing kinda bugs me: While even countries like Denmark and Portugal – France early June – got a theatrical release of Iceman the only countries were it goes direct-to-DVD are the German speaking countries.

  • Sandra

    she looks beautiful as always, but i like her more in jeans and t-shirt.Why can’t there be more “authentic” shoots – in generell, not only with winona? something that shows or reveals more of the “real” person.
    @vulcannonibird: i totally agree with you about the iceman. but i have great hopes for “homefront” to be shown in german theatres!
    and: what is your vulcan theory?

  • Simon, here in Brazil will be limited, and open only in December. I really dont understand why, seems a lot of worse movies has been released wide. Its a shame.

  • Manu

    I loved the layout! It looks like an official site.

  • Luciana, which one is your favorite? Mine is the actual magazine cover photo…but they’re all interesting in their own way.