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Citizen K Magazine Scans

Jul 3rd, 2013

Got a nice surprise on my email today. Our french friend Cecile got hands in a copy of Citizen K magazine and scanned it for us, with the article in English! You can see the previews below, and go to our gallery for full images:

Thanks, once again, Cecile!

7 Comments on “Citizen K Magazine Scans

  1. Seymour Glass

    Sad to see how photoshop has ruined an otherwise beautiful shooting.

  2. Perty

    Nice set. I wish the mag was available here.

  3. vulcannonibird

    Good set.

    Looking at IMDB one thing kinda bugs me: While even countries like Denmark and Portugal – France early June – got a theatrical release of Iceman the only countries were it goes direct-to-DVD are the German speaking countries.

  4. Sandra

    she looks beautiful as always, but i like her more in jeans and t-shirt.Why can’t there be more “authentic” shoots – in generell, not only with winona? something that shows or reveals more of the “real” person.
    @vulcannonibird: i totally agree with you about the iceman. but i have great hopes for “homefront” to be shown in german theatres!
    and: what is your vulcan theory?

  5. Luciana

    Simon, here in Brazil will be limited, and open only in December. I really dont understand why, seems a lot of worse movies has been released wide. Its a shame.

  6. Manu

    I loved the layout! It looks like an official site.

  7. Wryter

    Luciana, which one is your favorite? Mine is the actual magazine cover photo…but they’re all interesting in their own way.

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