And we have a new layout!

So as you can see, we have a new layout. Since we changed to our previous one I’ve been receiving some emails asking to change the design colors for something easier to read. I believe we cannot go wrong with black and white, right? 😀

The gallery also has a matching theme. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Let me know if you find any issues, I still have to check every page.

  • I LOVE IT! The new layout is stunning, Lu! :love:

  • Alexey

    It’s GORGEOUS! Black and white is perfect because so neutral for my eyes!… Winona is a beautiest woman! I love Her ’till I die, She broke my Heart, She’s in my Heart Forever!!! I Love, I Love, I Love!!!

  • Looks amazing, love the gallery header as well <3

  • Looks fantastic! Congrats.

  • ddeh…

    … cool!